Access world-class experts for developing strategies to combat COVID-19

Access world-class expertise to inform the development of strategies to combat COVID-19. The COVID-19 Expert Helpdesk features a curated selection of experts committed to empowering organizations with information and advice to combat COVID-19. Our panel of experts is rapidly expanding and includes leaders in the fields of global health, epidemiology, crisis management, and risk communication. Below is a sample from OnFrontiers’ global marketplace of over 300,000 experts.

An expert in global health security and development
Washington DC, United States (U.S)
Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs

Dr. Dennis Carroll has over 30 years of leadership experience in global health and development. Until recently he served as the Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Emerging Threats Division. In this position Dr. Carroll was responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership for the Agency's programs addressing new and emerging disease threats. He provided overall strategic leadership for the Agency’s response to the West Africa Ebola epidemic. He currently heads the Global Virome Project, an international partnership to build the systems and capacities to detect and characterize future viral threats while they are still circulating in wildlife - enabling the world to better prepare before they spill over into us.

An expert in infectious disease, epidemiology, and medical anthropology
New York, New York
Executive Director, MMEpidemiology

Maureen Miller, PhD, is an infectious disease epidemiologist and medical anthropologist. Her career straddles academic and public spheres. Dr. Miller has been involved in applied infectious disease prevention research, programming and policy since the 1990s, has published 50 theoretical and research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, and has a proven track record in attracting funding for the conduct of innovative research in resource poor settings. In addition to conducting research, Dr. Miller consults regularly with governments and non-governmental organizations around the world. Her completed projects range from the evaluation of an urban syringe exchange program that resulted in national program expansion; to the development of an analytic framework to evaluate international health programs in terms of gender health equity and human rights; to the creation of a simple, targeted and flexible biological behavioral surveillance system to identify emerging infectious diseases at their point of origin

An expert in global health and health systems
Los Angeles, United States (U.S)
Resident Physician, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, University of California-Los Angeles/UCLA Health

Dr. Marguerite Thorp has over 10 years of work experience in the field of global health with specialization in internal medicine, pediatrics, infectious disease, and palliative care. Her clinical training at Harvard University and the University of California-Los Angeles has prepared her to provide the highest standard of care to critically ill patients. Her passion lies in helping health systems scale up evidenced-based solutions to address the needs of poor and marginalized communities. She works with the Student Global AIDS Campaign (particularly several chapters in New England), the American Medical Student Association's AIDS Advocacy Network, and ACT UP Boston. During college, Marguerite interned with the Clinton Foundation in Malawi and linked this service to AIDS activism in the United States, fighting for more resources to support the life-saving work happening in Malawi and many other countries around the world. She hopes to continue connecting clinical and policy work in Malawi with advocacy in the United States. She was a 2010 Truman Scholar, winner of the Fitzie Award at Harvard College , and recipient of the Gerald S. Foster Scholarship at Harvard Medical School

An expert in infectious diseases, clinical research, pandemic preparedness and health systems strengthening
New Delhi, India
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Global Health University of Washington, Seattle

Dr Sonali Kochhar, M.D, has over twenty-two years of leadership experience for global Phase I-IV Clinical Research, Safety Studies, and Implementation Research for Vaccines and Drugs conducted in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia in adult and pediatric populations; Infectious Diseases (Coronavirus, Middle East respiratory syndrome, Rift Valley Fever, Lassa, Nipah, Chikingunya, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Ebola, Zika, Group B Strep, Respiratory syncytial virus, Pertussis, and Tropical Diseases); Safety, Regulatory and Ethics strategy for vaccines for epidemics clinical research; Pandemic Preparedness; Vaccines for Pregnant Women; Introduction of New Vaccines; Increasing acceptance, demand and use of vaccines; Translating research into international and country programs by Policy, Strategy and Communications Development, and Healthcare Systems Strengthening; Clinical Trial Data Sharing; and working with vulnerable and at-risk populations. She is leading the Risk Assessment for COVID-19 Vaccines. She has co-authored internationally accepted guidance and research standards (which have been incorporated into global policy documents) for Vaccine Clinical Research, Safety and Ethics, (including vaccines for epidemics, and pregnant women). She was the Lead for the development of 26 novel Maternal and Neonatal Case Definitions for adverse events detection and evaluationof vaccine safety signals, ensuring their applicability in LMIC. Dr Kochhar works extensively with Government Partners and Ministries of Health, documents creation for Regulatory Bodies (including the FDA, EMEA, African and Asian NationalRegulatory Authorities), Ethical Committees, Scientific Organizations, International Aid Agencies, Public Health Authorities, International and Bilateral Organizations, International Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies, Key Opinion Leaders, Local Communities, Patient Groups and the Media.

An expert in epidemiology and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases
Concord, United States (U.S)
Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Bentley University

Anthony Kiszewski is an epidemiologist with expertise in mathematical modeling of infectious diseases. His age-structured, social contact network simulation of H5N1 influenza was used to explore intervention scenarios by local public health officials for a 2005 Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) workshop in the Boston Metro area sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. As a post-doc at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, he developed simulation-based training materials for federal officials involved in bioterrorism response, including modules for Smallpox, Pneumonic Plague and Hoof and Mouth Disease

An expert in science and health policy, communications, and management
Washington, DC, United States (U.S)
President and Founder, Aya Health Consulting, LLC

Audrey Jackson, Ph.D. is an expert in global infectious diseases policy. Trained as a research microbiologist, she has advised policymakers and organizations on strategies to accelerate the development of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for unmet clinical and public health needs, as well as strategies to expand access to these medical products for underserved populations. As an International Health Advisor for the Pandemics and Emerging Threats team in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, she managed policy development on emerging infections and global health security. As Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, she worked with health ministries in low and middle-income countries to examine HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria programs, and to develop recommendations for policymakers, funders, and implementers. Dr. Jackson is available to advise global policymakers and organizations on preparedness and response strategies for the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, including approaches that support continued health system response to other infectious diseases. She can provide expertise for the development of scientific and health policies and communication tools for technical and non-technical audiences.

An expert in public health disasters and epidemics
Brooklyn, United States (U.S)
Public Health Consultant, Independent Consultant

Dr. McGinty is a disaster researcher and emergency responder. She has conducted research at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which works to protect people's health from the consequences of epidemics and disasters. Her research has examined health sector resilience, hospital preparedness, allocation of scarce resources during disasters, risk management and communication, and workforce development for public health and healthcare. Dr. McGinty previously directed Continuity of Operations Planning at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She was responsible for developing and implementing plans to sustain essential public health services in the event of a disaster. She has also supported preparedness and response initiatives of the U.S. National Response Team, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Public Health Service. Dr. McGinty received the US Surgeon General’s commendation in 2008 for her work providing force readiness and deployment training for the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Dr. McGinty has responded to disasters and public health emergencies including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, Zika and Corona virus (COVID-19)

An expert in global health and epidemiology
Melbourne, Australia
Hospitalist, Cambridge Health Alliance

Mara Murray Horwitz is a board-certified internal medicine physician and clinical epidemiologist based in Boston, USA. She have research experiences spanning clinical and public health interventions in developing countries (Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, India) to large and complex data analysis (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, census data, insurance claims). She is passionate about pragmatic evidence-based clinical interventions and implementation. I am available in Melbourne, Australia until July/August 2020, then Boston from August/September 2020.

An expert in global health and health economics
London, United Kingdom (UK)
Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Global Development

A public health professional and medical doctor with over 12 years of experience working in global health organizations (research institutions, academia, private foundations, multilateral organizations, INGO's, national governments and ministries of health) with a focus on health systems strengthening, health financing and health care innovations for primary-care, maternal, child and adolescent health programming. She trained and practiced as a physician in India for several years, when she felt compelled to further my understanding of public health systems and programs, on witnessing several opportunities and gaps in the Indian health care system. She aimed to gain a systems perspective, in addition to bringing a practitioners viewpoint and eventually influence policy decisions for improved health sector programming. She trained as a health economist with a Masters in International Development and Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy school and subsequently worked as a technical adviser and sector expert with specialist program teams at the World Bank, the Harvard School of Public health, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the Center for Global Development, advising governments in multiple country settings across India, Argentina, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, among others. She led and designed country health strategies and program portfolios for family planning and SRH programming, health benefit package design for UHC programs and structuring innovations in national level primary care programs, through private sector partnerships, working with a diverse range of stakeholders. She has a strong understanding of the public health system infrastructure in low and middle income country settings and have collaborated successfully with ministry and govt. officials, sector experts in academia and think tanks, donor partners and implementing organization leads, to successfully deliver on program goals while also expanding her knowledge of the sector

An expert in tropical medicine, health systems, disease surveillance, eHealth
Nha Trang, Vietnam
Consultant, Adoptive Cell Therapy, Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC), Immunis e.V.

Chris is a medical doctor, trained in Germany, the UK and Australia, with specialisations in Tropical Medicine and Public Health from the UK and Australia, and Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases from the UK. For the past 22 years, Chris has worked as medical practitioner, technical advisor, programme lead and senior strategist in the health care domain in a variety of resource-limited settings, including Afghanistan, Jamaica, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda and Vietnam. Ever since he had established the first truly affordable, fully quality assured East African CD4 T cell enumeration facility for AIDS treatment monitoring in Uganda, he has been working hard to promote accessible and affordable, yet quality assured and evidence-based health care and diagnostics in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean through positions with private industry, NGOs, bilateral and international donors, and international scientific working groups. Chris spent a considerable amount of his working life in building up human capacity for health, has planned and overseen the upgrading of health facilities and biomedical equipment, with a special focus on least developed countries. The height of the West African Ebola crisis from 2014 till 2016 drove him further into smart approaches to disease surveillance, and he has been highly active in this domain, covering emerging pathogens, antimicrobial resistance management as well as quality issues ever since. He is currently very much involved in pandemic preparedness and business continuity in the highly dynamic COVID-19 outbreak.

An expert in health politics, policy and programs
New York City, United States (U.S)
Founder & CEO, Walking Doctors

Dr. Wilson Wang lives in New York City. He is the Founder & CEO of Walking Doctors a cloud-based software company that helps doctors in low and middle-income countries make faster more accurate decisions ( Wilson developed expertise in healthcare quality, behavior change and organisational management through clinical, policy, political, and programmatic experience. 2006, he lived in Rwanda and then 2011-14, he lived in Liberia and Indonesia building and maintaining healthcare systems with the NGO’s PIH, IRC and SAVE. 2004-06, Wilson worked as Legislative Assistant for Joseph Lieberman in the U.S. Senate. There his health team passed bills on avian flu, health care disparities, disaster preparedness and vaccine safety. 2007-10, he was Medical Director at Harlem’s District Public Health Office focusing on youth development and asthma control. 2014-2015 he was in West Africa helping to contain Ebola, then recover from it. Currently, Wilson is a pediatric hospitalist and emergency room physician at NYU and New York City H&H Hospitals. He teaches at NYU's College of Global Public Health. Wilson earned his MD from UC Davis, an MPH from UC Berkeley and an MPA from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader, 2016-18. His first job out of college was as a junior high school science teacher with Teach for America, Oakland, 1992-94.

International expert in Infectious Diseases, Virology, Public Health and Health Security
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
COVID-19 Public Health Outbreak Senior Technical Advisor / Confidential Consultant, Governments of Asia and SE Asia Contract

Dr. McGroarty is an internationally recognized expert with 31 years of experience as an infectious and emerging infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, molecular virology (BSL4), public health, immunopathology, epidemiology and health biosecurity and intelligence specialist. He is currently the G7 Public Health and Virology Senior Technical Advisor for 14 Nations in the Asia-Pacific region responsible for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) emergency response and coordination, health security and intelligence, pandemic preparedness and response, gap analysis and strategic planning for country public health risk assessments and guidelines development. His technical advisory services also include expert guidance on virus transmission, incubation, rRT-PCR and antibody testing, surveillance, contact tracing, case management, personal protective equipment (PPE), infection prevention and control (IPC), containment and mitigation strategies development, social distancing, therapeutics and vaccines, data management and reporting for governments and partners.