OnFrontiers COVID-19 Expert Helpdesk

Accelerating Learning to Combat COVID-19

In fighting the pandemic, the pace of global learning will determine the fate of millions.

The COVID-19 Expert Helpdesk enables decision-makers to tap into expertise from qualified professionals on any topic related to the pandemic response, anywhere in the world, within hours.

The Helpdesk provides:
1. Rapid and convenient access to a network of experts qualified in one or more of the focus areas
2. Access to a global expert marketplace for niche requests beyond the primary focus areas
3. A digital platform that accelerates the pace of learning

Our panel of Helpdesk experts is rapidly expanding and includes leaders in the fields of global health, epidemiology, crisis management, and risk communication. Our Helpdesk experts include:

1. Dennis Carroll - an expert in global health security and development
2. Sweta Chakraborty - an expert in risk and behavioral science
3. David Milestone - an expert in strategic innovation and global health

OnFrontiers clients can request consultations with Helpdesk experts immediately and without a fee.

If you are not currently an OnFrontiers client, you can find out more about our company below.

What makes us different

Compared to more analogue solutions, the OnFrontiers-powered helpdesk provides multiple benefits:

More scalable
We provide direct connections with world-class experts pre-vetted and accessible anywhere around the world on demand
More efficient
We eliminate administrative hurdles to accessing the right expertise with faster matching capabilities.
Better tracking
We capture and track engagements with experts to facilitate information sharing among teammates and other stakeholders to inform strategies and decisions.

How to engage with Experts

Current OnFrontiers clients can request consultations with Helpdesk experts directly, without fees. For questions regarding topics that are not currently covered by the COVID-19 Expert Helpdesk, OnFrontiers clients can submit a request for a custom-matched expert and get connected within 48 hours.
Expert consultations (under 2 days)
Written responses (2-9 days)
Custom research (1 week - 3 months)
Program design (1 week - 3 months)
Surveys & focus groups (1 week - 3 months)

About OnFrontiers

OnFrontiers is an on-demand expertise platform, bringing automation to the knowledge economy. We leverage proprietary processes and technology to match clients to experts quickly in virtually any topic or geography. Experts can be engaged for confidential learning calls, written consultations, short consulting projects, and remote technical assistance. Our enterprise platform helps global businesses distill expert insights and build their own expert network to support the organization's work.

OnFrontiers today serves 50+ leading consulting firms, investors, government agencies, and corporations. OnFrontiers Experts have shared insights in over 100 countries and on thousands of subject matter areas. We are a US-based small business headquartered in New York City and are a graduate of Techstars, one of the most competitive accelerator programs for technology startups. More information can be found on OnFrontiers website or by emailing our team at hello@onfrontiers.com.